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KRELwear is pleased to announce the launch of its highly anticipated KREL-to-go quickie couture services for women, men, kids and pets.  For this December only, you name it and KRELwear will fit it! Since 2003, KRELwear has made countless fabrics in every wild color and subtle shade. True to its eco-friendly roots, KRELWEAR doesn’t like waste, we repurpose our fabrics to suit the changing needs of our clients.  Whether glamourous and glittery or luxuriously matte, the client is invited to choose their favorite fabric to be fitted into a variety of options based upon the company’s signature tubular contruction. Tank tops, sweaters, dresses- sleeveless or not, boatneck or turtleneck, KRELwear will fit the fabric to flatter any shape. Each KREL-to-go piece is one-of-a-kind, with all the nuance and preciousness of KRELwear’s highly-regarded hand-knit couture.  Custom pieces begin at only $30 U.S.D., making KRELwear accessible to anyone in search of chic. The entire KREL-to-go experience takes about an hour and will be documented by polaroid and installed on KRELwear’s boutique wall.

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